Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I buy direct?

Unfortunately, no. We are not set up to sell directly to the public. However, you can purchase most of our confections at leading retailers everywhere.

Q. Where can I buy Kerr's candies?

Kerrs is a national brand and can be purchased at major Canadian retailers across the country. Our products can also be found regionally in the United States.

Q. Why do I find unwrapped candies in the package sometimes?

Occasionally, during the vibration of the bagging process, some candies will work their way out of the wrappers. While our operators are trained to watch for and remove these candies before they enter a finished package some do manage to make it through.

Q. Why are there more of some flavours than others in assortments?

To prepare an assortment, a batch of each flavour is produced and layered in our collection bins, then mixed. Ideally when the different flavours are combined for a mixture, there would be an equal amount of each piece in every package. As the mixtures tumble from our collection bins, through the conveyors and onto our packaging units, the proportions may change as it is all a matter of probability.

Q. Why do fruit drops contain licorice?

The black licorice flavoured Fruit Drop is actually manufactured using a natural Star Anise essential oil. Star Anise is the fruit of the illicium verum tree and has a distinct black licorice flavour. The Star Anise essential oil is used in many food products, including confections. Because the Star Anise is considered a fruit, it has been included in our Fruit Drops selection.

Q. Is your facility nut-free?

Our products are manufactured on a peanut and tree nut-free line. We do not manufacture any items that contain peanuts or tree nuts; however, we do store finished products in our warehouse that have been manufactured in other facilities and may have been exposed to nuts. These items are labeled accordingly and are stored separately.

Q. Which allergens do you process in your facility?

Dairy, soy, sulphites (<10 ppm products).

Q. Are your products gluten-free?

The only two products which may contain or may have come in contact with gluten (wheat, barley, oats, rye) are Jelly Beans and Gum Drops.

Q. Are your products considered Kosher?

Not at the current time.

Q. Do you use any animal by-products in your products?

Pork gelatin.

Q. What is a release agent and why is it in some of your candies?

Because hard candy and toffee is very sticky during cooking and processing, we use a processing aid to prevent the candy from sticking to the equipment. This processing aid is a vegetable-oil based release agent which contains soy. The release agent is brushed on any surfaces in which the hard candy or toffee may be placed.

Q. What is the shelf-life of your candies?

For hard candies, the shelf-life is 24 months from the date of manufacture. For soft candies, the shelf-life is 12-14 months from the date of manufacture. Generally speaking, lab tests indicate to us that our products are still edible past their respective shelf-life periods if stored under ideal conditions.

Q. How do I read the date code on your package?

The date of production can be found printed in black ink on the back panel of every package. The date code is year, month, day (YMMDD).

Q. Can my toddler eat your candy?

Given the circular shape of many foods like hotdogs, hard candies, etc. the potential for these products to lodge in a childs throat exists. Therefore, it is our recommendation that children under the age of 5 do not eat candy without adult supervision.

Q. Are your Light candies sugar-free?

Our Light products are made with sugar substitutes which generally have 1/2 the calories compared to regular table sugar. Though our products are technically sugar free, we are not permitted to use that claim in Canada as we are not “calorie-free”, (< 5 cal/serving). In Canada, you can only claim sugar free if you are very low in both sugar and calories.

Q. What sweetener do you use in your Light candies?

Kerr's Light is sweetened with Splenda® brand sweetener.

Q. Why do Light candies cost more than regular sugar candies?

Quite simply, the cost of sugar substitutes is substantially higher than sugar.

Q. Do your Light products cause a laxitive effect?

Our Light products are made with sugar substitutes such as polydextrose, isomalt, sorbitol and Splenda® brand sweetener (sucralose). Humans cannot metabolize these ingredients in the same manner that they metabolize sugar and as such, excess consumption of products containing these ingredients can sometimes cause intestinal discomfort (ie. bloating, gas, etc.). In general, products containing these ingredients should be consumed in moderation.