"Peanut Butter Addict" Butter Knife

"Peanut Butter Addict" Butter Knife

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"Peanut Butter Addict" Butter Knife

Vintage silverware hand stamped by Impressions - Hand Stamped Creations.

*NOTE:  Silverware design will vary - each piece is unique.

Vintage silverware sourced from all around Canada is used to create beautiful pieces with new life and new purpose.  Due to the vintage state and personal touches, every piece is a one of a kind piece!  After hand-stamping, this vintage silver-plated piece is ready to be loved once again.


With hand stamping, each letter is individually hammered with metal pins.  Due to its vintage state, some pieces will have signs of wear from previous use (fine scratches) and may show markings on the backside due to the hammering process from the hand-stamping.  Pieces have varied patterns on the handle making each one unique. Nontoxic ink is added to enhance the engraving but will dissipate with use/cleaning. The engraving is very deep and easily legible.  

All silver used is silver plated.  Eventually with exposure to air, it will naturally tarnish.  You can use a polishing cloth to bring it back to its shine.  The ink used to darken the letters will fade away.  This non-toxic ink is solely used to enhance the letters - however the engraving will last forever.  Hand washing is strongly recommended.