We are pleased to announce that in 2017 Kerr's worked closely with the Halal Monitoring Authority (HMA) to ensure that Kerr's products are suitable for consumption by the Halal-conscious consumer. 
During the certification process HMA reviewed each and every ingredient used by Kerr's to verify which products meet the requirements for HMA Halal Certification.
Products made with ingredients not deemed suitable for a Halal Diet were excluded from the certified products list, which can be found on the HMA Website. 


Please note that this time, our gelatin (beef gelatin) is Kosher certified, however, it is not Halal certified.

Please refer back to our website for newly certified products as continuous updates will be made!
Please see below for a full list of the products NOT currently HMA Halal Certified:
  • Creamy Caramels Toasted Coconut (130g)
  • Candy Cane Kisses (300g)
  • English Mints (200g)
  • Fruit Taffy (180g)
  • Greek Yogourt Fruit Chews (150g)
  • NSA Assorted (300g)
  • NSA Fruit Smoothies (90g)
  • Wintergreen Mints (200g)
Please note: Items listed above may be offered in a number of different sizes and formats (both packaged and in bulk). These products are not Halal Certified in any format at this time.
If you require specific information on the Halal certification process, we encourage you to contact the Halal Monitoring Authority (HMA) directly.